Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New Spelling

Hello everyone! We've had so many performances lately to prepare for, we haven't had much time for blogging. Sorry about that.

First off, we had our assembly a few weeks ago. Then we had our liturgy and some school testing to do. We've really had our hands full.

BUT we want to make sure we tell you about our new spelling program! We thought that sometimes it's really hard to learn things when you're only writing, so we decided to spell out our weekly words in other ways. Check them out below.

That's it for now. Soon we'll be back with updates about our terrarium and our upcoming concert performance!


Mr. F, Mrs. V and the Blogging Bilbies

Monday, 14 November 2011

Terrariums, popstick building and assembly practice

Swimming is over, and we're glad because it was so tiring. We had fun though, and we learned a lot. We looked like completely different swimmers by the end of week 2.

Sorry for the lack of new news! Swimming took up so much of our time and energy that we couldn't fit much else into the day, other than our regular stuff like spelling and terrarium observation and maths.

Did we tell you about terrarium observation? We call it our science journal, and it means that every single day we do three things for science: we write down what has changed in our terrariums from yesterday, what we think the change will be tomorrow, and we draw exactly what we see. Our journals are coming along quite well.

We've been practising for our assembly on Friday and we're coming along well. Here are our two songs, so that we can practise at home.

NOTE: these songs are really loud! Mr. F had problems changing the volume when he recorded it! Please be careful to turn the volume down, for people who are sleeping or have heart conditions.

Bit by bit by The Blogging Bilbies

Raindrops by The Blogging Bilbies

Here are some pictures of our terrariums.  The part of the water cycle we can't see is the water that gets heated and rises into the air - that's evaporation. See how the water gathers at the top? We call that condensation, or clouds, because the water gathers and creates clouds. When it gets heavy and falls back into the soil, we call that precipitation, or rain.

That's all for now. Start thinking about your costumes, Bilbies!


Mr. F, Mrs. V and the Blogging Bilbies

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Swimming and Terrariums

Hello everyone! We have been very busy this week! We have just started our swimming program and it takes up quite a bit of our day. We are very tired by the time we leave.

Also, we've begun work on our terrariums! We have been bringing in 2 litre soft drink bottles and we cut them in half. Then we filled them with gravel, peat moss and soil, then we put in our sunflower seed. That was on Monday, and they've ALREADY sprouted!!

We also practiced Word Chunking and rereading/reading on as reading strategies. Here are two examples of reading on!

When I went to the store, I saw a huge snicklepuff.  He had a lot of fur, four legs, two ears and he barked at me.

That's it for now, thanks for reading!


Mr. F, Mrs. V and the Blogging Bilbies

Thursday, 27 October 2011

We can't believe we've been back two weeks already. The time really flies!
We've been learning about, as said in the earlier post, the water cycle lately. We painted and crafted the parts of the water cycle, and Mr. F put it up on the back wall as a mural .We think it looks pretty good.

We've also been digging into our blue box literacy games, which you'll see a few of below.

Next week, we look forward to making soft drink bottle terrariums! It will be fun to see the water cycle in action, and also we'll be recycling! It will be good to see recycling done, after we've learned a bit about it. 

That's it for now. Have a good weekend! 


Mr. F and the Blogging Bilbies

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Back from Holidays!

We are back in the swing of things, and we all had great, safe holidays. We haven't really had much to post over the last two days because we've been doing boring but important things like cleaning our desk, organising our room and doing another spelling inventory.  That's not very exciting to read about!

Today we had music and art. We also had buddies. In our buddy time, we created different parts of the water cycle. It's going up on our back wall soon, and all the different pieces look fantastic. Mr. F is very proud of us. Thanks to the year 6/7s for their help!

Yesterday, when we were learning about the water cycle, Ryley spelled out the three steps to it after she finished her spelling folder work. Mr. F was VERY impressed! WAY TO GO RYLEY!

Advance australia fair by The Blogging Bilbies

We practised the National Anthem today, and it went really well.

No more updates until Monday, because Mr. F will be teaching music tomorrow.

Goodbye for now!

The Blogging Bilbies

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Music today

We had music today instead of sport, because we had sport unexpectedly on Monday. Here's what we did!

Click Go The Shears by The Blogging Bilbies

Down by the bay by The Blogging Bilbies

Giro giro tondo by The Blogging Bilbies

We also started a new, silly song called Mama's Soup Surprise. It has some really funny and gross parts in it, like chicken lips and lizard hips, as part of Mama's Soup. Hopefully we'll get some music of that one up soon.

We did a lot of mental maths work today. We practiced all of our dice games.

Mr. F and Mrs. V wanted to make it a point to mention our fantastic behavior in class lately. We are getting along better, focusing harder on our work, and following rules and directions better than we ever have!  WAY TO GO BILBIES!!!

That's it for now.

Lots of love,
Mr. F, Mrs. V and the Blogging Bilbies

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Last batch of Harold books

Note - some of the videos are having a bit of a glitch and they're turned sideways. They should be upright pretty soon - stick with us!




Note - we're still missing a few recordings. Evan and Callum's work will be up soon, but I think we're still missing one after that.

Here's our new and improved version of Lime Juice Tub! We've been practicing. If you want to download this song, find the little down arrow near the play button.
Lime Juice Tub - 5 by The Blogging Bilbies

Here's our next song we have to learn: Overlander. It's about cattle drovers of old times, and how we should celebrate them! This is our first try at it.
Overlander by The Blogging Bilbies

And last - we wrote some persuasive letters to our mums and dads yesterday.  Some of us asked for sensible, reasonable things like rocket ships and pet dolphins and race cars. Let's see what some of our letters said!